Stop the attack on injured South Aussies!

The SA Liberal Government have added insult to injury for thousands of South Australian workers, slashing their entitlements and rights, and plunging injured workers into poverty. 

Last month Treasurer Rob Lucas rushed through changes to tighten the Impairment Assessment Guidelines (IAG) which injured workers are evaluated against to determine whether they are eligible for compensation. Under current laws, he has the power to do that with the stroke of a pen, and he used that power to slash injured workers rights.

SA Labor introduced a bill to parliament to wind back the Liberal’s cuts, and require that any future changes to the Impairment Assessment Guidelines undergo parliamentary debate and oversight, which would allow proper democratic process to be applied to the proposal, and allow them to be voted down!

That bill has passed the upper house of Parliament, but there’s one step to go. Our state MPs in the lower house still need to vote to approve SA Labor’s bill.

We need the support of the cross bench MPs to ensure that Labor’s bill is approved, and injured worker’s rights are reinstated.

Can you send an email to the cross bench MPs right now to tell them that they need to support Labor’s bill and protect injured South Aussie workers from this outrageous attack?

Email The Cross Bench MPs Now!